Fletcher Beasley is a composer for film, television and other media. He recently released his first album of cinematic electronic music called Fictional Radio.

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New Plugins and Sample Libraries of Note

Hive by u-heU-he is a small developer from Berlin run by Urs Heckmann that makes software synths and effects processors. Among the software synths that u-he has developed are Zebra2, a wireless modular synth capable of an impressive array of sounds and enhanced by the... read more

Practical Approaches to Making Sounds That Evolve

Sustained sounds need subtle changes and movement to remain interesting to our ear. When an instrument like a violin sustains a note, there are subtle pitch and timbral variations imparted by the player that keep the note from remaining static. Electronic sound... read more

Immersive Reverb for Orchestral Samples

Reverb is a beautiful thing. It creates a spatial context for sound and serves as a unifying force for tracks recorded in disparate spaces. While pop mixing allows for great variety and choice in reverb settings, orchestral musicians play together in a large concert... read more

A Little Grit in the Machine

It wasn’t that long ago that music tracks were recorded to analog tape. Although that method has been superseded by recording to hard disks for most recordings, many engineers still use analog equipment when tracking and mixing. Why continue to use analog equipment... read more

Home Studio Recording

Every composer knows that adding a real musician or seventy to a track really brings it to life. Samples just don’t have the nuance and expression of real instruments. But if you aren’t trained as an engineer or haven’t done a lot of recording in your studio it may be... read more

Going Beyond the Presets

There are a lot of great virtual instruments (VIs) available for composers these days. Most of these include an impressive array of presets that sound great and provide good sounding results with very little work. Many of us don’t have the time or desire to design... read more

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Click on the follow button to follow me on Spotify. It’s easy, painless and would help me a great... read more