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I’m very excited to announce that my new album of cinematic electronic music, Fictional Radio, has just been released to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube and many other online services.

I conceived Fictional Radio as an exploration of organic texture and mood through instrumental electronic pieces. The eleven track album features interwoven melodies, rich soundscapes, mutated guitars, and intricate grooves that transport the listener on an introspective journey of auditory discovery.

The album was written over a period of two years between film and television projects as a labor of love and creative exploration. Many of the tracks were written with the title as inspiration or by establishing a set of compositional constraints as a starting point. Once the compositions gained momentum, the constraints were often modified or lifted. They were useful ways to focus each piece at its genesis.

I wrote the music from the inside out, starting with the center and working to the edges. I incorporated recordings of my daughter imagining silly monsters, created rhythms from signs I banged on and constructed patterns from the sound of my cat purring. 

Writing Fictional Radio has taken me on a artistic journey opening new doors of exploration. I hope you enjoy the music.